Surrounded by the powerful volcanic rocks and idyllic landscape of hills and the ocean at the horizon. Ready to chase sunrise and sunset everyday in its purest forms?


Fuerteventura – connected with our third eye chakra. Clear vision.

Ready to wake up with more balance & intuition?


Imagine you wake up in between a stunning moon landscape with a volcano view! 

Hard to imagine? Then visit Surf & Yoga Fuerteventura!

Our Canarian Villa with a vast backyard is located in the small village of El Roque – close to the coastline with surfing beaches and completely surrounded by volcanic nature. It invites for hiking & discovering the beauty of nature in a new way. If you’re looking for a place to ground & reconnect to yourself, discovering stunning white sand beaches with turquoise water, ideal conditions for water sports or just feeling a warm breeze on your skin during the Yoga class outside – El Roque, Fuerteventura is the place to be!

the area

The whole north of fuerteventura invites for hiking up volcanoes, relaxing at the beach or surfing at sand breaks as well as reef and point breaks. Pure rocky and sandy landscapes with spectacular stones. Especially the “popcorn” beach is a must see in this region. In between some small, bright towns with hand crafted products & cozy cafes. Along the road you can see Aloe Vera fields & variety of nature in a volcanic countryside. Discover new types of plants & wildlife within a wide range of untouched areas on fuerteventura.

EL ROQUE village

Our villa is situated in the village of El Roque in the northwest of Fuerteventura. El Roque itself is a calm village consisting of little houses which gives you a wide view of the endless tranquil landscape with the possibility to hike up volcanos & overlooking the dreamy ocean & coastline. Just down the road within 2 min. you reach El Cotillo, a small town located at the coast with multiple stunning beaches. El Cotillo offers lovely shops with handmade products & delicious restaurants.


Fuerteventura is one of the 7 Canary Islands, which belong to Spain. Typically for this island are its incredible volcanic landscapes & endless beautiful white sand beaches with turquoise water. The name fuerteventura literally means strong wind, which makes it the perfect place for kite surfing or other wind related sports. All year long the sun is out with warm, enjoyable temperatures.


Yogic insight: all canary islands have a connection to our Chakras – Energetic Points. Fuerteventura is named to be connected with our Third Eye Chakra – Ajna, giving you clear vision and strong connection with your intuition.

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