Our team is made up of different nationalities from many walks of life, making our camp vibe vibrant, unique and creating the feeling of arriving home with us.




Der begeisterte Gründer des Camps ist ein abenteuerlustiger Surfer und der Sunnyboy von Surf & Yoga Fuerteventura. Wenn er nicht die spanischen Wellen reitet, surft er die srilankischen in seiner Heimat. 

Seine lebenslange Liebesbeziehung zum Surfen begann im Süden Sri Lankas. Im tiefen Blau hat er sich schon immer zu Hause gefühlt. Priyal hat 2012 mit Leidenschaft und Liebe seine erste Surfschule ins Leben gerufen und kann alle Fragen rund um die geheimen Spots auf der Dschungelinsel und das Surfen in den Tropen beantworten. Seit 2014 bietet er Surfern und Yogis aus aller Welt auch dort ein einladendes Zuhause. 



Co-Founder & Manager, Yoga Teacher,

Events, Group Retreats & YTT (B2B)

Theresa is an ocean lover since she can think and passionate world traveler ‚following the sun’. On this journey, life brought her to Surf & Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka where she met Priyal & where she fell in love with the spirit of the community & where the creation of new projects began. She is combining her passion and values of a holistic life as a Yoga Teacher – organizing and hosting Retreats around the the world with her projects of soulful content & consulting. On the mat Theresa is redefining advanced Yoga new – where she teaches you to find balance within rather than standing upside down, where meditation can be dynamic and where you are able to slow down while flowing.

Kirtan, Surfworkout Teacher


Allrounder Creative Soul: Yoga Teacher & Kirtan, Surf Workout, Brunch Chef

Pia is a creative, joyful being who found her soul purpose in teaching yoga. She grew up in Germany but feels at home at the ocean! Beside that she is a reiki practitioner & fitness instructor. Be ready for the perfect balance of activating your fire in Surf Workouts & calming down in Yoga and receiving Reiki. She’ll guide you in her classes in deeper connection to yourself, your body & intuition. Furthermore she will express her creativity in Mantra singing, painting or cooking – so you might be able to taste some of her vegan, nourishing creations, as well as her calming voice in Kirtan.


Host & Allrounder, Brunch Chef

Meet Sarah soon 🙂

Lovely Soul

Dinner Chef



Send us your CV to hello@surfnyogafuerteventura.com

Lovely Soul

Massage Therapist


Send us your CV to hello@surfnyogafuerteventura.com

So kraftvoll wie der Ozean - so kraftvoll ist unsere Leidenschaft für das, was wir tun. Gemeinsam gestalten wir die beste Zeit deines Lebens!

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