Your Yoga Retreat in Fuerteventura – a place where you can explore your meditative state, enjoy moments of relaxation, with yoga sessions tailored for you.

In an outdoor environment within the magical nature like being practicing on the moon, sunrises and sunset and the magical light will surrender your yoga sessions. 

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Mit täglichen Atem- und Meditationsübungen erfährst du eine tiefe und wundervolle Version deines besseren Selbst. Im Surf & Yoga Fuerteventura wirst du mit schweißtreibenden und achtsamen Asanas, klärenden, liebevollen Meditationen und sphärischen Klangreisen bestens versorgt. Erlebe mit den Klangschalen, Gong und Harmonium eine tolle musikalische Bandbreite. Das Leben ist gut zu uns - und das wird hier zelebriert.  

Hier wirst du erlernen, dass Yoga nicht nur ein physischer Aspekt ist, sondern viel mehr zu bieten hat. Yoga bedeutet Einheit, und diese wirst du vor, während und nach deiner Praxis erleben.


Start your day looking within, checking up on your emotional, physical and energetic bodies through a supported and assisted yoga practice. Our classes are created for you to experience a complete practice to enjoy a moment of self reflection, unwind, rest and relax. Our attentive teachers will guide you with care and safety while on your mat. Yoga is a spiritual practice for the body mind and spirit. Our goal is to offer classes for you where they can feel present, bringing wellness to their lifes.


Dive into a variety of different Yoga Styles with our experiences teachers. It is the perfect combination of Activating, Energising, Releasing or Calming your Body, Mind & Spirit. 

In our Singing Circle you are able to activate your voice or just tune in with the vibrations of those surrounding, finding a meditative state listening or chanting mantras. Reiki Healing helps to to realign your energetic body, finding the balance within to support your healing.

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„Yoga ist die Reise des Selbst, durch das Selbst, zum Selbst.“

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Some days are special – and so are some days and weeks with us in Fuerteventura! Check our special Retreats and Events in Fuerteventura & be part of them, as you are special 🙂

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We are back on the island soon! A new stunning location with breathtaking views is awaiting you.

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