The golder sand dunes at the edge of Corralejo National Park lead to these easy fun waves which are ideal for beginner level surfers. The bottom is sandy with stone fragments. On a good day, longboarders too can have a lot of fun here. This is a real mecca for water sports lovers as you can kite surf, wind surf, stand up paddle as well on this 6 kilometer  long beach stretch.


This is a great sport to visit for the intermediate surfers who are looking for a challenge and to notch up their level, or advanced surfers who are looking for some great waves. It’s an exposed reef, mostly working for the ground swell coming from north to north west, therefore summer months tend to be mostly flat. 

El Cotillo

This spot fires up in the winter, where it starts to barrel on overhead sets with intense power on its sandy bottom. The cliffs at the north offers wind protection from the north, which provides a shelter in the summer months on some days. 

In the summer, El Cotillo is ideal for beginner surfers as well.

Punta Blanca

This reef works best in spring and autumn, this is a beginner spot with mellow and mushy waves. It can be a fun spot for longboarders on a typical glassy day. Originally a wind surf spot, if the wind is on and wind surfers start to make an appearance, it’s best to give them the way.


Found on the north east coast in the surf village of Corralejo. This is a fun right hand wave that breaks over a shallow reef just outside the harbour. It can be busy here when it’s working, as the news goes around this small town fast. 

Rocky point also hosts a left wave which can be a bit of a paddle out, is fine for longboards and shortboards alike.

La Generosa

Imagine a long lazy wall perfect for long boards and intermediates?

Yes, this sounds like La Generosa. Because of the length of its rides, it attracts regular crowds. Works best when the wind is on from the west  and the swell comes from  the north west.


This spot works only in the winter time. It’s possibly the most dangerous spot to surf in the island due to its very short distance from the take off zone to the cliff. Only the winter swell picks up here.

Los Lobos

Off the northeastern corner of Fuerte, lies this right hand point break which can hold a bigger swell that hits the island. It’s the longest wave in the canary islands with many sections. At the first peak, take off is steeper and suitable for the advanced level,  whereas down the line it gets more gentle for the intermediate riders. 

Los Lobos is a short ferry ride away, and you can take a ferry from Corralejo, Fuerteventura.


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