Are you longing for some special me-time that makes you feel in heaven? Enjoy special Therapies and Treatments during your stay with us. It is all about Selfcare and Selflove.


All our treatments relax and strengthen the immune system,  rejuvenate and overall has a kind of cleansing and liberating effect. 





Relaxing Massage

A full body massage with medium pressure to relax body & mind 



Deep Tissue

full body massage withmedium pressure to release tension and relax body in a global way




A foot massage that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet that connect to our whole body system



Therapeutic Massage

A traditional massage for relaxing muscles to prevent injuries



Hindu Head Massage

An Anti-Stress Massage with medium pressure on the head, neck, back, shoulder & face. It helps to prevent fatigue, bruxism & inmsonia

Holistic therapies

All our holistic therapies help you to recharge, reconnect & find more towards a balance and alignment of body, mind & soul. 





Reiki Healing

Translated reiki means universal life energy. It is a gentle and non invasive energy healing technique to restore balance, release stress, promote relaxation and allow your body & mind to heal naturally. The practitioner will help the energy around your body to flow again and remove blockages by using different hand positions. 




Experiencing the energising effect of creating sounds by singing. Chanting high vibrant words & phrases together. Opening the heart to the joy of life & connecting deeply to others. Feeling how music can connect and create a safe space to express yourself in the beautiful way you are. Everybody is welcome to join, bring instruments & inspire.



Reconnecting back to the sounds and the vibration of nature: benefits physical relaxation, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection by balancing the chakras, clearing blockages, and harmonizing our being.



Ready for selfcare?

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